Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid way too much?

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In the modern era, professional sport and film industry are no doubt one of the most profitable activities, with participants earning millions of dollars each year, making many people dream to become famous movie stars or athletes to make excessive money. Noteworthy, these careers are surrounded by controversies because most people believe that the work is easy, and little skills and knowledge is needed to achieve the huge benefits (McCann, 2005). Consequently, it is worth arguing that professional athletes and actors are being paid too much for doing too little, yet the society discriminates against those who support the social and economic systems such as teachers, the police, firefighters and others.


Quite clearly, actors and athletes work hard to achieve success in their fields such as keeping to the standards of shape, weight, fashion, public image, gait and flexibility. In most cases, they have to undergo excessive training sessions that last more than 12 hours a day throughout the week (Hums, Barr & Gullion, 2009). Proponents of high payment for athletes and actors also argue that these professionals represent the whole country in the international arena, which means that they deserve the excessive payment because they create and improve the image of their nations (Loehr & Schwartz, 2001).

Nevertheless, the fields are less important to the society compared to other professions such as medicine, teaching and security. Police officers and firefighters carry out high-risk activities to provide security and save lives, teachers determine the future of the society while soldiers leave their families knowing that they are not likely to return alive. In a society where salaries and wages are based on the value of a person’s work, the level of knowledge, skills and experience, people should be paid according to their economic importance and their value to the society.

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  1. Glen Hayes says:

    Good point of view. To my mind, we all have favorite films, TV shows and actors who play there. No one couldn’t replace our favorite actors, maybe they are overpaid but it’s worth it!

    • Virginia Mason says:

      You are completely right Glen! It is really worth it. Both actors and athletes have a hard path to their career, and both of them are deserve big salaries.

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