Advantages of Recycling

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Recycling is a process through which something can be reused again once its lifespan has expired. It involves making something useful rather than disposing of it, especially if its disposal has a harmful effect on the environment. Recycling is thus a diversified term that is used to describe the different aspect in which people make use of something that initially was meant for disposal. It could refer to simple gestures such as recycling office furniture for a goodwill to someone else to use or factory-oriented practices such as recycling of electronic devices and plastic bags. This essay thus aims to look at some of the advantages of recycling.


Studies have established that recycling materials reduce solid wastes as well as saves the natural resources in the environment. Additionally, recycling process is economical as compared to managing dumped waste or trash incineration (Patel, Thienen, Jochem & Worrell, 2000). Furthermore, as more goods or materials are recycled companies will spend less on the production of new goods and materials and thus saves both the production and consumption costs. Recycling also helps in environment cleaning and conservation. For instance, it ensures that landfills and garbage heaps are cleared as materials disposed of in those sites can be reused either by subjecting them to a remanufacturing process to make new items or converting them to other uses (Bright, Deem & Fryatt, 2007). Additionally, it ensures that environmental pollution and hazard associated with incineration of certain materials such as electronics is reduced. Also, it promotes soil fertility by using garbage to make composts in organic soil growing.

Therefore, there are many advantages associated with recycling of materials. It leads to a clean environment, ensures disposed materials are reused and is an economically efficient process. Therefore, recycling should be encouraged among nations to ensure that people live in a clean environment and reduce the greenhouse house effect that is a major climate change threat across the globe.

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