Basic methods for writing a personal assessment

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Assessment is to assess their work, goals, performance, quality, efficiency, etc. Self-esteem is a modern development of educational institutions, developing the responsibility of the student for his ability to achieve the results and motivation for effective learning and self-improvement objectively. In addition, colleges and universities for their own interest because it saves time previously in the evaluation and classification of the most useful business education. Should you write a personal review document must be aware of the technical assessment of the writing, which is the same, regardless of the chosen paper type.


1. To understand the first rule data

  • Before you begin, you must fully understand their role and should write a personal assessment newspaper. Carefully examine the attached instructions and explain what you need to consider:
  1. This may be your assessment of work and scientific achievements;
  2. Write judgment and success, it is also often prescribed.
  3. You can expect work to complete personal qualities, habits, accomplishments and goals.
  • Remember that personal assessment is a reflection of the genre. Normally asked not to engage in research, but to analyze some personal moments. If you do not have enough knowledge on how to make such a review, you probably need to review some literature. However, make sure your article is based on personal experiences.

2. Criteria excluded

  • In cases where the evaluation takes place, this means that there must be rules, which are compared with the results. This standard applies to certain assessment principles, the so-called “criteria”.
  • The criteria depend on the properties that are ready for the evaluation. For example, if you evaluate your skills to choose consistency criteria, the paper capacity in a logical structure grammatical correctness, timeliness, subject, etc.
  • Remember that the effectiveness of the criteria depends on which to choose. Therefore, it is necessary to wise and choose those who show their side of the line.

3. Awareness of Writing

  • After setting the criteria and realized they were asked to write about what is necessary to complete an agreed text. Enable logic and do not waste time, to recommend this concept.
  • The program is divided into several sections, which correspond to the selected valuation principles.
  • Be sure to leave enough evidence to leave their favorites empty – each word must be supported by facts.
  • If difficulties arise in the preparation of the following questions:


  1. What is your opinion about acquiring professional skills? Is it a specialty you feel?
  2. How it or not the tasks they do in the learning process?
  3. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of their own.
  4. Do you think you can handle other specific tasks better?

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