Should developing countries concentrate on improving industrial skills or should they promote education first?

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Poor countries encounter a lot of set backs due to financial limitations (BBC, financial report 2014). They need to prioritize and only opt for one thing that would lead to creating the other. Education is the way out it wills create a long lasting solution to industrial revolution in developing…


Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid way too much?

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In the modern era, professional sport and film industry are no doubt one of the most profitable activities, with participants earning millions of dollars each year, making many people dream to become famous movie stars or athletes to make excessive money. Noteworthy, these careers are surrounded by controversies because most…


Problems of tourism

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Tourism is an important industry towards economic prosperity of any country. It presents vibrant and colorful image of the country. However, tourism brings around certain constraints and considerations. To understand the downside of tourism, it is important to understand the dynamics and traits of tourism. Tourism is a concept in…


Are our zoos cruel to wild animals?

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Zoo is a shelter for wild animals. Animals kept in zoo can be used in various ways, that is, they can be used in studies for experiment purposes, exotic meat industry and tourist attraction. Keeping animals in a zoo limits their freedom and movement, since they can only walk within…


TV: Could You Be Without It?

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The television is an important part in the lives of many human beings I the contemporary world. It serves as an entertainment as well as educative tool. Due to the technological development in most countries as well as industrial revolution, electricity is found in almost every household and this has…


Children Should Never Be Educated at Home: Yes or No?

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The homeschool debate has been met with much controversy from proponents of both sides. A child being educated by their parents was once the subject of much fodder and disdain with claims that socialization of children could not be met, causing undue suffering and ridicule in social settings. This is…


The Perfect Shopping Mall

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Linsenman, Kingaard & Entrepreneur Press (2011) believe that when building a new business, it is best to aim at building something that the buyers or visitors can do more than just shop in the mall. Through extra attractions other than the shopping aspect, the shopping mall stands to attract more…


Global Warming- Save Our Today for A Happy Tomorrow!

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Have you ever tried to fill a bucket that is already overflowing? Today, we are all trying to fill ourselves with information, knowledge and are blinded by our materialistic needs and hence, we are destroying everything in our path to fulfil our personal goals. What we don’t realise is, that…


Advantages of Recycling

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Recycling is a process through which something can be reused again once its lifespan has expired. It involves making something useful rather than disposing of it, especially if its disposal has a harmful effect on the environment. Recycling is thus a diversified term that is used to describe the different…



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Currently individuals use more private vehicles that results to more automobiles in the highways, heavy congestions and air pollution. These problems do occur particularly in major towns or cities. I support that the methods of solving these problems is to persuade individuals to use public transport rather than private transport….

Making Writing Interesting: Easy Tricks – Amazing Results

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Would you struggle to create something? Deficiency motivation to state your thoughts? It’s moment to provide your authorship having a tiny pleasure! Below are a few easy magic tricks to get you worked up about placing the language on the site and also make the entire procedure participating more innovative…

Writing Guidelines On Thesis Statement For Essay

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The best way to make the establishment abstract for the article is the fact that the declaration which the dissertation compiled using rules and principles that it provided the important messages and content which consists in the thesis is a symbol that can provide standard to the elements. Visitors to…

The selection of themes for an essay: Where to start?

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There are two situations where choosing not about the survey: one, if you really do not want to work on the topic list, on the other hand, if the list is everything. What to do? When to start? How to choose and ideas? Step 1: What? You can start by…

Composing a Report

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Identify Goal Before writing an academic report, you have to learn why you are composing it. Your audience may well not know so you need to explain to your readers what the goal of the report is, and the reason why exactly you compose it. Identify Readers The step #2…

How to prepare a presentation for the defense of the thesis

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Everyone knows that meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. Therefore, it was and is. In addition, no matter where and when you can meet. In today’s world, a man of success is very important to be present. We do not say that the most important form of content,…

Basic methods for writing a personal assessment

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Assessment is to assess their work, goals, performance, quality, efficiency, etc. Self-esteem is a modern development of educational institutions, developing the responsibility of the student for his ability to achieve the results and motivation for effective learning and self-improvement objectively. In addition, colleges and universities for their own interest because…

On the development of “effective listening” skills

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“I do not understand everything by word” – which is the most common problem that people are turning to the supervisor, who already has a learning experience of a foreign language and are willing to explore their difficulties. Apparently, the difficulty to understand the external ear speaks almost a bit…

The concept and writing guidelines of analytical report

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Lab report is a document that describes the detailed study of each subject. Before writing a research report, you must understand the requirements for design and production. In the next part, we will learn how to write analytical reports, in educational institutions. Analytical Report Business professor should determine the description…

What skills are essential to write a good assignment

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Have you ever actually gone to school, you should be aware of what it will take to compose a quality school papers that is good. The truth is, homework writing could be as much distressing as simple, in the event that you understand when composing basic tips to remember. This…

Healthy Lifestyle Research

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According to the Constitution, the state is responsible to the people for their activities, and must effectively meet the challenges of raising a healthy generation, which is largely dependent on the socio-economic development of society and the country as a whole. Education and health are mutually reinforcing components in everyday…