Global Warming- Save Our Today for A Happy Tomorrow!

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Have you ever tried to fill a bucket that is already overflowing? Today, we are all trying to fill ourselves with information, knowledge and are blinded by our materialistic needs and hence, we are destroying everything in our path to fulfil our personal goals. What we don’t realise is, that in this rat race we are destroying that one very important place, we call home- planet Earth!


In the recent years, there has been a constant influx of storms, droughts, flash floods and a lot more instances of the wrath of Mother Earth which is unleashed time and again and which destroys countless number of people and wipe out cities after cities. Greenhouse emissions, radiation and carbon footprints are no longer just terms. They are a result of constant exploitation of the planet for its rich fossil fuels, precious metals and other substances that make our lives easier.

The Himalayas are melting. The level of sea, rivers and lakes is increasing. If on one hand the level of water is on the rise, on the other, river beds are drying up and people and cattle are fighting to survive with nature, every single day. Incidents of flash floods have also increased manifolds. Remember Hurricane Katrina and the amount of destruction she brought with her?

Today, everyone is battling health issues related to respiration and Cancer getting detected in more and more people the world over. Diabetes and Hypertension has found a way into the systems of even teenagers as young as 13.  There is a total disconnect with nature, its beauty and healing powers. These day people are happy popping pills and not look for healthy alternatives that Mother Nature provides free of cost.

So, what is the solution to these problems that appear to be little but snowball into huger and fatal ones within a short span of time? Humans need to look for more ways to create clean and renewable energy for consumption, create compost pits and use that energy for everyday use. Mining activities need to be kept an eye on and rampant deforestation must be curbed. Along with this, people need to build a connect with the planet and its flora and fauna to know the extensive damage done to it and becoming more alert and aware to stop it from further damage and global warming.

These small actions can take us a long way and retain the planet’s virginal beauty for the generations to come.

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