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Currently individuals use more private vehicles that results to more automobiles in the highways, heavy congestions and air pollution. These problems do occur particularly in major towns or cities. I support that the methods of solving these problems is to persuade individuals to use public transport rather than private transport. The public transportation is the best and easy method for commuting.

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Using public transportation minimizes the number of vehicles on the roads and thus reduces congestion. Besides, it reduces the air pollution since the cars commuting will be less in the roads. Alternatively, the public vehicles do operate almost all the time thus reducing the frequency of parking along the roads that may result to obstruction (Graham-Rowe, Gardner, & Abraham, 2011). The noise caused by vehicles would also reduce more so in towns since only fewer cars will be operational. Lastly, though private cars are convenient, they are very expensive compared to public transportation.  Purchasing of a private car is also very expensive, purchase of fuels and also the general maintenance of the private car is so much expensive.

Furthermore, using less individual vehicles preserves the environment and individual’s health. It minimizes air pollution since the carbon-dioxide released from the cars is reduced (Wang, Xu, & Qin, 2014). Besides, excess carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere can harm people thus leading to unhealthy body complications. Moreover, there will be reduced traffic because individuals would be using public transportation. Although its time wastage to wait for a bus in the stations, it takes a short time for individuals to arrive home more so in the case of electric train that is so fast  (Bryan, Weisbrod, & Martland, 2015). Thus, according to the above stated reason I totally support the policy for private cars reduction as a means to minimize the traffic congestion in major towns. Besides, I agree with the usage of public transport since it reduces congestion as well as minimizes air pollution.

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