The Perfect Shopping Mall

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Linsenman, Kingaard & Entrepreneur Press (2011) believe that when building a new business, it is best to aim at building something that the buyers or visitors can do more than just shop in the mall. Through extra attractions other than the shopping aspect, the shopping mall stands to attract more visitors due to different options and eventually to make a profit. The mall should be able to accommodate as many customers at once and offer different activities other than shopping options. When building a shopping mall, the first thing I would include is a movie theater that offers latest movies in 3D. The reasons being that while shoppers go ahead with their business they have an option of enjoying a movie after or before shopping. The other thing I would include is a big aquarium with different sea animals like different fish species and octopuses. The digital generation has made it possible for the creation of virtual games that attract young consumers who enjoy the sophisticated but almost real gaming experience (Rothmund, Gollwitzer & Klimmt, 2011).  Therefore, I would include a gaming arena where gamers can find different games to play including, play station games and Xbox.


A theme park would be an outstanding addition to a shopping mall. The theme park would be suitable for young shoppers who would not want to accompany their parents to every shopping outlet and would, therefore, have an option of going to the theme park and have fun. There are many different cultures across the globe differing in what they eat, what they wear and their beliefs (Tan, Yan & Urquhart, 2007).  For this reason, I would also include different eating outlets that offer different cuisines including fast foods like burgers and pizza. The different eating outlets would ensure that visitors from different cities, countries and cultures who visit the mall can either enjoy a cuisine they are familiar with or simply try out something new.

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