How to prepare a presentation for the defense of the thesis

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Everyone knows that meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind. Therefore, it was and is. In addition, no matter where and when you can meet. In today’s world, a man of success is very important to be present.

We do not say that the most important form of content, no. Turning for a moment allegory. Of course, if the lid conceals a brilliant Original housing blatant banality of this, it becomes clear ceases to be relevant.


However, its purpose and goal is to find out what is at the back. On the other hand, interesting and full of new ideas without the content in the right game can easily go unnoticed. Unbeknownst lost between the covers and bright, so appreciated by everyone and are not evaluated. And this principle – a kind of unwritten law, which is applied in all areas of human activity – art, science, business… Of course, education is no exception.

The degree of protection – especially the final test in the student’s life. Moreover, it is very important not only to write a document the detailed examination will develop the results and conclusions, but also intelligent about all the talk.

So imagine the past degrees nose. Nerves to hell. Palms sweating, insomnia, and when he finally falls asleep, sleep, of course, a diploma. In particular, it is a nightmare. Yes, we are all aware. In this state, you have to be brilliant behavior before the Commission to speak with confidence, showing and answer questions. At the end of his faithful assistant will be well-written presentation. Indeed, how well do the presentation of the thesis, we will discuss in this article.

What is the format and how created?

Therefore, the presentation is (praesento Latin. – Presentation) – a way to provide information about a product, service or company. Overall, the aim of the presentation can be whoever or whatever you want, but in our case – is the degree.

What to do to make a presentation and how it should look like?

There are many products designed software to create presentations, slide shows and other types of coverage. The most common of them – Microsoft PowerPoint.

Here are some tips on how to present our authors; we should be helpful for you.

The presentation must be consistent. Consider the speech to the diploma, as well as presentation combined with the language. For example, the speech should complement films serve to illustrate thereto, and to serve as a guide. The search for a specific slide in the presentation, we must remember that we will talk.

Do not overload the presentation of the text. Copying sections and a half-degree of the blade, at least, they are not the best idea. Furthermore, because no “default”. First, work with text, presentations, very uncomfortable. Information overload, you can simply take a risk does not work able to use this information. Secondly, the experts consider the direct copying of large chunks of text working «bad form» in the preparation of the presentation. At least as text – maximum values.

Ensure that project. Generally, the preparation cursor can be freely selected to test the author’s presentation. Note, however, that if you were to create a presentation for an important event, such as the protection of the project unable to comply with certain rules. For example, do not push the project is too bright. The richness of color “acid” in the presentation, the audience’s attention to be distracted and not be too serious error degree. Keep calm, pastel colors.


In conclusion, we can say that the main purpose of presentation in an accessible form is to provide information to the public. Preparation of the presentation, scroll through all the slides, they believe that it will be comfortable working with her. Try to determine the current protection to try to change houses diploma slide. The right to protection after this training, you will feel much safer.

Strictly speaking, the above tips will remain active even if you have a presentation that is not a diploma and some household chores, or to another project. Working for the future, the possibility of a proper presentation may also be in the hands.

We are aware of this, where students can report the day before graduation. It is often so great excitement that stick together and start preparing methodological seems impossible. Yes, we are all-human, and take care of this important moment – natural. However, emotions – your biggest enemy in defense. Believe in yourself, calm, they behave with dignity, holding his head “cold” – and succeed!

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