Problems of tourism

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Tourism is an important industry towards economic prosperity of any country. It presents vibrant and colorful image of the country. However, tourism brings around certain constraints and considerations.


To understand the downside of tourism, it is important to understand the dynamics and traits of tourism. Tourism is a concept in which all kinds of people head towards a particular place regardless of their past backgrounds, religious affiliations, moral standings. All these can have a direct positive or negative impact on the given society.

One practical example and disadvantage of tourism is “Maternity Tourism”( Arnold, 2011). The recent case of Chinese tourist is Miami is well known to everyone. Apart from this single example there are about 10,000 more cases that have reported in many parts of U.S.A. referring to such tourism. One of another most renowned example of negative tourism is the “Drugs selling” in the wake of tourism. Many cases have been reported that drug smugglers visit various places on tourism visas, and thus enlarging their markets worldwide in the wake of tourism.

Apart from the above mentioned serious issues of negative tourism, environmental issues are also a big challenge for the host countries. Tourists who visit any sea sides, beaches, have reportedly polluted those areas and causing a danger to the sea animals and sea life. If tourism is a blessing for local people, it has caused huge headache for the local people as well. Lack of availability of basic necessities such as food, clean water, access to day to day life activities are the problems that local people face with increased tourism in their places (Rodgers, 2001). One of another aspect of negative tourism is noise pollution as well. These places are usually filled with huge amount of loud noises specially traffic noises.

Thus we can say that although tourism can help any country in raised amount of revenue but the social negative aspects are far more prominent than the economic aspect alone.

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