TV: Could You Be Without It?

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The television is an important part in the lives of many human beings I the contemporary world. It serves as an entertainment as well as educative tool. Due to the technological development in most countries as well as industrial revolution, electricity is found in almost every household and this has helped in many families owning a television set. The TV provides many foreign as well as domestic channels which provide a wide range of channels that one can choose from. This helps in every person choosing a channel that best suits him/her (Swann, 2000). Children will mostly watch the cartoon programs while youngster will watch the entertainment programs. The elderly will mostly watch the educative programs. People with different careers can also choose what programs to watch, like the politicians would be comfortable watching political news (Schwartz, 1974).

TV channel zapping

T.V is a source of entertainment, for example the sports program can be watched by the whole family. The T.V is also a source of spiritual inspiration through the religious channels which provide sermons and gospel songs. The Television is also is a recreation facility through songs drama and stories. The entertainment provided by the T.V helps reduce depression in peoples mind. The advertisement on the T.V provide us with the information about the different commodities in the market therefore one can make an informed choice when buying (Swann, 2000).

T.V is a source of livelihood for a lot of people. The presenters get their livelihood from T.V. the industries that manufacture television also after employment to a lot of people. It also provides employment to people who act on different programs aired on the T.V.

In conclusion, the T.V is important in the lives of many people and we cannot live without it.

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  1. Thomas Clark says:

    Just like that, but I have another opinion. Nowadays young people watching TV very and very rarely. Most of them are using computer or mobile phone to search news or other information.

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