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Looking for a job is really hard and time-consuming in most of the cases. Trying to find the perfect one that will fit your expectations, waiting for the response and not getting any is disappointing. Why haven’t you got accepted? The answer is: your resume could be better.

Most of the applicants do not understand the importance of the resume they are sending to the recruits. That is the first mistake they make in general, and the last one on the job they apply for. Why is it so important? You need to change the way you look on your resume in order to understand this.


Imagine that you are an employer, and you have 500 e-mails with the resumes you need to proceed by the end of the day and decide on the people you want to interview. Wasting a lot of time reading every single one is not an option. Average recruiter spends only 10 seconds going through each resume. If it doesn’t look appealing and informative, than it doesn’t stand a chance.

How do they check everything so fast? Well, there are exact things they are looking for that are very easy to see. What are those? Let’s have a look.

    1. Design.

Pink paper with glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. Even if you apply for a job in a kindergarten, that is highly inappropriate. Making it simple and official will play on your hand.

    1. Formatting.

If your font is barely understandable, then no one is going to read anything, even if you are the best possible employee. Make it reader-friendly: black color, Times New Roman or Arial, 12pt or larger.

    1. Structure.

Even though the resume is only one page long, it should be well structured. If recruiters can easily find the information they want to know about you, it increases your chance to go to the next level and get interviewed. Underline the titles in each part, use bullets to show you qualification, just let every step of the reading be easy and understandable.

    1. Contacts.

Is it easy to contact you? Yes, if you put your phone and e-mail right to the top. Note that you must have an e-mail for the work, so that it will look like

    1. Abilities.

There are some things your employer doesn’t need to know about you. If you can dance the tango or bake amazing muffins, and you apply for a position of a business consultant, leave these details for your friends. If the company is looking for some specific abilities, which you do have, let know about them.

    1. Experience.

Every recruiter wants to find a stable and reliable worker. Showing that you can be trusted is extremely important. Don’t include the summer job you had for two weeks that you have changed for another two-week one. Also, nobody needs to know where you have worked when you were 12 years old. Let recruits see that you know what they need and you can give it to them, because you have worked “here” and “there” and achieved “this” and “that”.


Right now we are going to do this together! Even though you are not very excited, take a look at the best way to structure the resume:

    1. Name & Contacts.

Introduce yourself to the employer. Write your name in the center, draw a line underneath, and put your contacts like this (the order is not important): address | phone number | work e-mail.

    1. Professional summary.

This part shows your writing abilities the most. Make your summary brief and neat. State only the most important skills you need for the job. Avoid using typical phrases like “I am good at speaking to the clients” (btw, that looks more than terrible), so keep in mind what your employer wants to see – a proof of everything you claim you can do.

    1. Qualifications.

As you already know, it’s preferable to use bullets here, let’s get to the most important part: creative presentation of your qualifications. The first thing you need to do is reread the job description. Think of the things you have done or can do that are listed there and try to give them out in an original way. For both summary and qualification part there are things that can prove your employability:

      • How communicative and initiative you are.
      • How you work in a team or are a good leader (depending on what your job requires).
      • The way you balance your personal and professional life.
      • How you manage your time.
      • How you can nail the job specifics.

Clarify these things for yourself and your employer and you will definitely get accepted.

    1. Work experience.

It is more of a historical part, as you should list the places you have worked in. If you have a rich experience (and even if you don’t), there is no need to mention every single job you have ever had. Try choosing the long-term ones that have something to do with the job position you are currently applying for. Add the name of a company, your position and responsibilities. Don’t forget to put down the working period (mm.dd.yyyy-mm.dd.yyyy) and the city you have worked in.

    1. Education.

The easiest part to state. Write the degrees you have received (and the year of getting them), in which university and what was your specialization. Note that both educational and experience parts are stated in the reverse order.

    1. Any additional info.

If there is something special required in the job description like certifications or affiliations, don’t forget to include them just to comply with formalities.


You surely can! When you know the main mistakes to avoid and the way to structure a resume, it will definitely look better than any other you have had before. If you really want it to stand out, here are a few more tips you can use:

    1. Don’t include your photo unless you are asked to do it.

If you are a model or an actor, then you will definitely need to do it. But that is not important for a teacher or a nurse, as their skills are more relevant than the way they look.

    1. Creative job = creative presentation.

You should use charts, pictures, and any other additional material when you apply for a job that requires you to be original and make interesting and innovative things.

    1. Use power words.

I did, I worked…Sounds not professional at all. Try using some strong words like executed, implemented, initiated etc.

    1. Be honest.

Know what you can and like doing, and don’t give your employer any unrealistic expectation of your abilities. That is how you find the job that suits you the best. For sure, honesty is a great quality, but only within the reasonable limits. Don’t mention that “I asked one company to write my resume, that is why it looks so good”. That is something not to include under any circumstances.

    1. Don’t be afraid to use some help.

If you have no idea how to present yourself, and there is little thought rushing through your head on “who can write my resume for me”, you should totally ask someone to do that for you. It is not a sin. At least you will know how to cope with that by yourself in the future.


Would you rather fix your broken leg by yourself, or ask a doctor to do it? Similar question. You should not associate your resume with a wounded limb, but getting professional help is always for the best. So it is time to think “who can write my resume?”. Well, there are plenty of services that can do it. Some of them even specialize only in resumes.

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