Are our zoos cruel to wild animals?

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Zoo is a shelter for wild animals. Animals kept in zoo can be used in various ways, that is, they can be used in studies for experiment purposes, exotic meat industry and tourist attraction. Keeping animals in a zoo limits their freedom and movement, since they can only walk within a given area. Every animal as a human being deserves right of freedom and movement. Therefore, this essay discuses weather zoo is cruel for wild animals or not.


Many people consider zoo as a prison for wild animals. This is because zoo gives much pressure to the animals by denying them freedom of movement and development of   their natural behavior.  In addition, zookeepers do not provide suitable food for their animals; instead, they take young ones from their mothers to sell them to other countries for cash that reduces animals’ production. Moreover, zookeepers isolate young animals from their mothers to study areas, which interfere with their natural behavior because of climatic changes. The changes of climate to the wild animals result to transmission of zoonotic diseases, which latter leads to death if the animals are not well treated (Tuyl 2008).

On the other hand, zoos is considered as an excellent condition for wild animals, this is because, animals are provided with free meals. In addition, animals kept in zoos are protected from being killed by their enemies or killing their predators, since they live in fenced areas (Hutchins 2006).

To conclusion, it is recommendable to keep wild animals in zoos, this is because, animals in zoo can be easily prevented from being misused or from attacking people in the nearby areas. On other hand, animals deserves right of movement and development hence their rights should be considered too. Therefore, zoos are cruel to wild animals to some extend but not in all conditions.

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